4 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Anthony Alpert

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs as they are sometimes referred to, have become increasingly popular among smokers. People were looking for an alternative to smoking that was both safer and more enjoyable. Nicotine patches worked for some but they were more of a treatment to nicotine addiction rather than an alternative. Plus they were an acquired taste so not everyone was able to adjust accordingly.

Then came electronic cigarettes which changed everything. They were graciously received among the smoking community and hundreds of thousands of people were able to make a successful transition from smoking regular cigarettes to smoking electronic ones. In today’s post we will highlight some of the reasons why this change in choice came about so quickly and successfully.

Safer than Traditional Smokes

The hallmark feature of electronic cigarettes is that they are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Study after study has shown that e-cigs do not carry the same adverse effects regular smoking does. It doesn’t carry the carcinogenic additives present in regular cigarettes. They have lesser amount of nicotine which added with flavours more than makes up for the loss. This works wonders for smokers who don’t want to quit smoking but wish to have a safer alternative to supplement their nicotine intake.

Slowly Become Less Dependent on Nicotine

Given the different strengths of E-liquid available users can effectively control how much nicotine they inhale. It’s a great way to effectively quit smoking altogether without having the cravings that would otherwise make this a very difficult prospect. Going cold turkey on any habit is extremely difficult. The only way to effectively quit smoking (if that is what someone wants) is to slowly reduce the intake and keep reducing it till they are no longer dependant on it. E-cigs allow people to have that option. Some people will feel the loss of nicotine initially but the many types of flavours of e-cigs entice the brain into adjust itself to it.

Dozens of Flavours Available

Unlike regular smokes which mainly come in one or at most two flavours, there are literally dozens upon dozens of flavours for electronic cigarettes. You name it, there is a flavour for it. Strawberry, Chocolate, Menthol, practically any flavour one can think of is likely to be readily available. This opens up new possibilities for smokers who in addition to their nicotine want to enjoy specific flavours. For the first time ever, smokers can customise what they inhale as they see fit. This was something that was never possible before.

Very Cheap and Affordable

One would think there would be a catch somewhere because e-cigs sound too good to be true. Ultimately it is the price that determines whether or not the product would be feasible for people. E-cigs score high on this front as well. Instead of purchasing a pack every day, an electronic cigarette lasts for years. So if one were to compare the costs of the two side by side, e-cigs would win by a considerable margin. An E-cig starter kit which has everything in it including the e-liquid and Clearomiser, costs less than £20.

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