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Coronavirus Status & News

At EcigZoo we have taken the following measures to protect customers and ourselves:

▶️Status – will update with changes:

19/03/20 – Open and operating as normal

▶️Hygiene Control
• Removal of e-liquid testers and buckets
 📌Regular (every 60 minutes or less as needed) cleaning down of surfaces with antibacterial wipes and sprays
• Instructing customers to avoid touching the glass
• Using gloves when handling customers own devices
 📌Antibacterial gel for customer use e.g. after using visa card-machines
• Using gloves where needed
• Washing hands regularly and using sanitiser between customers
• Deep cleaning each day
• Same standards applied to online post and parcels

▶️Hand Sanitiser
• We expect to take stock of 70% alcohol, 99.99% germ kill rate within the next few days. 📌This will be available for customers to purchase whilst stocks last. Sales will be limited to two bottles per customer. In-store Only. We will post online when the stock arrives.

▶️Social Distancing
 📌Service priority given to those aged over 70
• Enforcing social distancing, especially when elderly or vulnerable in store
 📌Anyone in the vulnerable groups, can stay outside and signal staff, we will come out, stay a safe distance and serve you. We cannot take visa payments outside; please have cash ready. Please have patience, it may take us a while to serve you outside.
 📌Those with persistent continuous cough or apparent fever symptoms will be asked to wait outside.

▶️Telephone Orders
 📌We have phone numbers on the top of our webpage for those who would prefer to order over the phone
• Should Royal Mail services cease, we will offer a local delivery service.

▶️Stock Control
• We are experiencing significantly higher volumes of customer sales whilst stock remains very difficult to obtain. Our policy is to ensure we have enough stock for all customers.
 📌Coils are limited to two packs per customer
 📌10 packs of e-liquids will be limited to 1 pack per customer, except to vulnerable groups who are required to self-isolate for extended periods.

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