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  • FLVRHAUS Concentrates 30ml DIY Flavouring

FLVRHAUS Concentrates 30ml




A selection of FLVRHAUS flavouring concentrates. 30ml bottles, nicotine free and must be diluted before use.

Recommended steep time 3-5 days.


  • Lolly Vape - Twist It - Lime ice, creamy vanilla and sweet raspberry
  • Lolly Vape - Split It on Ice - Sweet refreshing orange with creamy vanilla ice cream
  • Lolly Vape - Twist It on Ice - COLD lime ice, vanilla and sweet raspberry
  • Lolly Vape - Tutti Frutti - Sour medley of sweet summer fruits
  • Lolly Vape - Rock It on Ice - Icy raspberry meets cool lime and sweet strawberry
  • Got Milk - Strawberry - Smooth and sweet strawberry milkshake
  • KSTRD - BNNA - Warm vanilla custard with ripe banana
  • KSTRD - VNNLA - Thick warm vanilla custard
  • Just Jam - Raspberry Doughnut - Sweet sugared doughnut with sharp raspberry jam filling.


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