£24.99 GBP

The XTAR X4 is a 4 Bay battery charger, capable of charging a multitude of different size batteries with a bright LED screen to show the levels of charge in each individual battery.

This charger can charge all four bays at a fast 1A or two bays at an even faster 2A rate.  Not only can it charge vape batteries, it can also be used top charge household rechargeable batteries too including NiCD, NiMH.

The X4 also has a recover setting to attempt to recover deeply discharged batteries.  This is dependent upon the state of the batteries; some are just too far gone to recover.

Quick Specs:

  • UK Plug Included
  • Charging speed: 4x1A/2x2A
  • Simultaneous charge: 4x18650, 4x20700, 3x21700, 2x26650
  • 2 year XTAR warranty

Xtar X4 Battery Charger

Xtar X4 Battery Charger