COVID-19 Delivery Updates

Anthony Alpert

Update: 8th May 2020

1st Class Mail usually takes between 1-3 working days to arrive but can take as long as 10 working days especially when the Royal Mail have bank holiday backlogs to clear.

Out cut-off time has reduced to 2pm due to changes with Royal Mail.

It is possible to collect from outside our Wisbech location.  Orders need to be placed online or by phone - call us for details.

Update: 17th April 2020

We apologise for this generic statement however we have received so many queries regarding delayed shipping from customers around Wisbech, Peterborough, Spalding, Stamford, London and as far as Scotland.

Why are there delays?
With the Easter Bank Holidays and Royal Mail staff shortages due to self-isolation as well as increased postage demands, there are delays throughout the system. A normal Easter period is bad enough, with the Royal Mail having two full days of backlogs to clear however this is occurring at a time when the number of parcels being posted has rocketed and the number of staff off due to COVID-19 self isolation and shielding that the system is swamped.

The tracking is not showing anything?
Unfortunately, unless the guaranteed Special Delivery service was purchased, the Royal Mail 1st Class tracking will only confirm once a delivery is attempted.

It is not possible to chase up 1st Class mail with Royal Mail.  We can’t give exact delivery times however it seems currently that most customers get their within 1-3 working days, some up to 5 working days due but this does not take into account the Easter backlog. Rarely does it go beyond that.

I have had other mail delivered?
It seems mail is not being delivered in order and we suspect the Royal Mail has piles of backlog mail sacks they allocate each day. We are trying to get through to a local office to find out more.

Hopefully you should receive in next few of days. A package is only considered lost by the Royal Mail after about 15 working days.

Should you be in desperate need of supplies, you could place a small order over the phone and collect from our Wisbech store whilst you wait for your package to arrive. Please call 03303 300 395 should you wish to do this. We are open for collection Monday to Friday before 2pm + Saturday 18th April until 2pm.  

Royal Mail Updates:

Future orders
For urgent supplies the Royal Mail Special Delivery service is still doing next day however they have scrapped their 9am and 1pm deadlines and aim to deliver up to 9pm at night.

We are really sorry about this, we don’t have control over the Easter backlog or the effects of COVID-19 on the Royal Mail. We also used a courier companies, and they have been also badly affected.

We don’t like these generic answers, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further queries.

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