About Us

We at ecigzoo love e-cigarettes and want to spread our passion for them. The latest generation are such an advancement on the original ecigs of a few years ago that we personally consider them a better alternative to smoking. Better than smoking ever was! We do not sell e-cigs as a medical cure for smoking or some stop-smoking treatment. E-cigs are an alternative to smoking, with so many delicious flavours and tech gadgets to choose from. Come and enjoy the party!

Our Aims:

  • To offer a great range of quality products
  • Excellent customer service and experience
  • To spread the word about the benefits of electronic cigarettes
  • To support the vaping community
  • To do all that we can to further the cause of vapers (ecig users)

Our Quality:

  • We ensure we stock products that are of the highest standard and quality available
  • We physically inspect our manufacturers premises to know who we are dealing with
  • We hold all the relevant manufacturing documentation for our products including ROHS and CE certificates
  • We hold full Public & Products Liability insurance specifically for electronic cigarettes and liquids.

Our Ethics:

  • We believe electronic cigarettes are a much better alternative to smoking
  • We do not promote electronic cigarettes as a stop smoking aid, only a safer alternative to smoking
  • We will only sell to over 18's
  • We warn people who are nicotine free not to use our products. Nicotine use is still an addiction
  • We recommend that if people want to quit nicotine, they should not use electronic cigarettes
  • We only aim to promote our products to existing smokers (or ecig users) looking for a better alternative


Wisbech Address: 25 Market Place, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 1DQ
Tel: 03303 300 395

Legal Information: EcigBubble Ltd, Reg:08275479 VAT No: 152727804