Here at EcigZoo we like to offer something back, Zoo Reward Points, that can be converted into discount codes. 

Step 1) To access the Rewards and Create Vouchers, please click the floating icon on the bottom left-hand side of the homepage.  You will be able to check your points and redeem them to generate a discount code voucher.  You will need to log in to see your points.


Step 2) Redeem your points for a discount voucher.  Copy the voucher code, a copy of which will also be emailed.

Step 3) Paste your discount code into the field on the checkout screens.  The discount code box appears in different areas dependent upon products ordered.  The two options are as follows.


If you do not see the above, the discount code field will show once you begin checkout, as shown below.


Should you have any problems using your code, please contact us.