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Reward Points

Here at EcigZoo we like to offer something back, Zoo Reward Points, that can be converted into discount codes.

Reward Points can be collected in various ways.

How to earn EcigZoo reward points and discount codes

To open the Reward Points page click the orange button at the bottom of the page, as shown below.  

You will see a summary of the points you have so far.  Click Spend You ZooPoints to redeem the points into discount codes.

Open and spend ecigzoo reward points

To redeem Reward Points

If you have collected enough points, the redeem button will light up and can be clicked.  If you cannot click the button then not enough points have been earned.  

Click Redeem to convert your points into a discount voucher code that can be used when checking out.  Copy the discount and halfway through the checkout process (after shipping address has been entered ) there is a box to enter the discount code.  

Please note only one discount code can be used per transaction.

Redeem reward points

Should you have any problems using your code, please contact us.


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