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MTL (Mouth To Lung) DTL (Direct To Lung)

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Here at EcigZoo we quite often get asked the question. What is the difference between MTL (Mouth To Lung) and DTL (Direct To Lung) Vaping? We have composed this small feature to explain a little about it and hopefully help guide you on your path to finding the type of kit that is suited to the way you vape and hopefully explain the difference between the two.

MTL Mouth To Lung

MTL (Mouth To Lung) is a specific vaping style in which you draw on your Electronic Cigarette in the same manner that you would draw on a traditional cigarette. You draw the vapour from the device before inhaling into your lungs, some would say similar to sucking on a straw. Let your mouth fill with vapour and then inhale extra air. MTL set ups consist of low restricted airflow, thinner eliquids, a high resistance coil and low wattage. New starters to the vaping world more often than not start off with a MTL set up this is because it replicates smoking better than what a DTL set up can. 

A Mouth To Lung set up is typically a low powered device coupled with a tank that has a relatively tight draw and produces much less vapour than a Direct To Lung set up. MTL users would ordinarily vape high nicotine content E-liquid.

These liquids would typically contain a higher PG content which is the thinner ingredient in e-liquid. This is known as Propelyne Glycol. These liquids would typically have a PG/VG Ratio of 50% or more in favour of PG. Thinner more PG heavy liquids can have a little more throat hit than VG heavy liquids so this should be considered when choosing your nicotine strength.

An MTL Device normally consists of either an (All In One) AIO device which is a stick type battery with a built in tank unit. Or a stick type battery with a removable tank. They can however be a little bigger with what is considered a small box device and a bigger diameter tank.

DTL Direct To Lung (DL)

Direct to lung vaping is a specific vaping style in which you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs. This produces much more vapour and delivers more nicotine at a lower strength. A direct lung inhale involves drawing the vapour straight down into the lungs, much like breathing in. Quickly filling the lungs with dense vapour. This method of vaping is most commonly associated with sub-ohm vaping.

DTL gives a more intense hit than MTL. Many vapers find this more satisfying, but can sometimes find it a little intense so finding the right kind of sub ohm set up is important for the user to feel comfortable with the style of vaping they wish to choose.

A DTL vape requires the user to draw much faster with these bigger coils as they create a lot more heat thus requiring more air to cool them and in turn producing very big thick dense clouds. More power and heat can also intensify the flavour produced by this kind of device. This will vary and will mainly be determined by several factors stemming from the type of atomizer used, the type of coil used and the type of juice used. 

The liquid used for these devices requires to be VG heavy. This is known as Vegetable Glycerin. VG is the thicker ingredient in e liquid. These liquids would typically have a ratio of 50% or more in favour of VG. VG heavy liquids produce very little throat hit compared to PG heavy ones. As these devices typically produce much larger amounts of vapour users tend to not use strengths higher than 6mg as otherwise the throat hit would be way to harsh for users to bare. The big advantage with these types of vape is that vapers can run a reduced nic strenght but still get nic satisfaction due to the amount of vapor produced.

A DL Device is typically made up from a Mod (A Larger Battery Device) and a Sub Ohm Tank or RDA/RTA (Rebuildable Atomiser) They will produce much more vapour than an MTL device.

In summary MTL is for those who prefer to vape how they would smoke a cigarette And DL is for those who prefer a fuller cloudier vape.

The choice is yours and the world is your oyster as vaping gear has progressed and evolved so quickly to give you the consumer the best possible choice for your style of vaping. However you do it be safe in the knowledge that what you are doing is a much safer alternative to smoking. If any more information is required please feel free to contact us and our friendly knowledgeable staff will be more than willing to help you with any problems you may have.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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