Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of models and capacities. The great benefit to ecigs is users often have several device types to suit their vaping mood or situation. They may have small pen like ecigs for public use, colourful designs for a night out, as well as large variable voltage models for use at home or in the car.

The other great benefit is users can have several flavours and strengths in different cartridge tanks which can be switched as often as your mood changes. A low nicotine strength for all day vaping or even a popcorn flavour for a movie! Its up-to you.

Ok, I want to buy my first electronic cigarette, what do I need to know?

Congratulations! You should love it and enjoy all the benefits!

Forget about the old style cigarette look-a-like ecig, although it has its uses if you want to vape in public in a stealthy way.

We would recommend the Ego range as the most suitable for someone new to vaping. It has an adequate amount of power, is still small enough not to be too obvious and maintains a cigarette, pen-like shape. They are available in a great range of colours and designs to suit. Additionally you would need to pick up a bottle of E-liquid to fill the tank and away you go. After a while you may experiment with different types of kit or flavours to customise the vaping experience to suit your needs.

What strength E-liquid should I get?

It's up to you. A heavy smoker on 20 a day may well need a 18-26mg strength e-liquid, however if you want to vape all day long, as it's so nice, a 03-12mg may be better. The great thing is its easy to switch, just keep each strength or flavour in its own tank or cartridge and you can change them as often as you like.  We recommend anyone switching from tobacco to start at the higher 12-18mg strength to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

What flavours should I start with?

Again, each to their own. We would recommend a tobacco flavour and perhaps experiment with a sweet / fruity / menthol type one on the side. After a while users find they have a large selection built up to match their mood.

I want a big powerful e-cigarette that produces lots of vapour?

To blow huge clouds takes powerful ecig mods e.g 60w+, a SubOhm tank, low nicotine liquid e.g. 3-6mg and a liquid high in VG, 70%+

How long do e-cig parts last?

Even though manufacturing standards have improved significantly and we aim to provide the highest standard of products, they do degrade over time. Probably all parts of an e-cig kit could be considered consumables except for perhaps the body of variable voltage devices themselves.

Small Ego type batteries will last 2-6 month depending upon your usage and type of device, one charge may last a day, or you may use two batteries over the day to maintain peak performance.  Lithium batteries can be charged often and by not letting them drop below 50% charge will significantly improve lifespan.

Clearomisers may last 3-15 days or even upto 30 days dependent upon usage and size. E-liquid residue does build up, air holes become blocked and coils may degrade. Some more expensive cartomisers are designed to be re-buildable, meaning you can change the individual parts for new items. On the whole they are cheap enough just to throw away and use a fresh one. Even if you need two a month its still cheaper than 1 pack of cigarettes.

Are parts interchangeable?

On the whole yes. Most devices use a 510 thread size including the Ego range. This means you can use any 510 Carto/Tank with a 510 battery body.

The Ego range uses the 510 thread size but the Ego specific carto/tanks have a collar on them which means they only fit the Ego range.

In a nutshell if you have an Ego type, use Ego cartos, and if you have 510 thread devices, use 510 thread cartos. Full details will be in our product details or just contact us for advice.

I'd like more information!?

You can always contact us or an excellent resource for all things to do with ecigs is the e-cigarette-forum.com which has a huge detailed library of useful information