5 E-Cig Misconceptions we often hear

Anthony Alpert

5 E-Cig Misconceptions we often hear

A lot of the misconceptions surrounding e-cigs and vaping are down to misinformation. Unsurprisingly, plenty of the negativity around the subject is in fact not based on any evidence or fact and tends to be quite skewed in its take on the truth. So, here are some common misconceptions we thought we would go about clearing.

Vaping Cause Lung Damage

An unpublished study from under a year ago was the cause of this story. Papers throughout the world reported that e-cigarettes could cause lung damage. The reality was that the paper found that the vapour could cause an increase in airway resistance. Not even close to the same thing. However, the lung damage story spread like wildfire and many believed what they read in the news.

Vaping and Smoking are the Same Thing

Another commonly peddled falsehood. When you smoke, you inhale just that – smoke. This smoke includes thousands of different chemicals and carcinogens and is a completely different experience to vaping. When you vape you inhale exactly that – vapour. Vapour is far closer to steam than it is to smoke and as such a completely different thing. So, vaping and smoking are in no way the same thing.

Malfunctions are Common

Another fallacy, we hear quite often. The idea or notion that e-cigs or vaping sticks tend to explode in the hands of users is one that we catch regularly.

It makes it seem that exploding and instantly combusting e-cigs are a daily occurrence. However, this could not be further from the truth. The chances of a vaping device exploding is very slim and in the most part these issues are caused by people not following guidance on how to use them correctly. For example, using a different charger to the one that comes with the device or performing modifications to your vaping device will cause potential issues, as they would for any electronic device. See our blog on this here.

Nobody knows what’s in Vaping Liquids

As we mentioned above, cigarettes have thousands of different ingredients. This in turn has led to a lot of suspicion over the ingredients in vaping liquids. It has also led to a lot of negative press with many decrying that nobody knows what’s in vaping liquids and vapour.

The reality is that we know exactly what’s in these liquids and in many cases the ingredients are similar to those we eat or consume. There’s often under a dozen ingredients in vaping liquids, sometimes as few as five or six. There have been some cases where people have reported allergies flaring up after smoking. This is mainly because of the vegetable glycerine used in vaping liquids. Not to worry vegetable glycerine is a common ingredient found in all sorts of items including every day shampoo and is made from coconut oil.

They Contain Nicotine and it Is Poisonous

Nicotine does not cause cancer and it is not a carcinogen. However, it is the addiction forming part of cigarettes. Most of the problems with cigarettes are due to the additives and smoke and chemicals. However, unlike cigarettes, the nicotine is a lot less addictive in vapour compared to cigarettes and vaping allows you to cut down the amount of nicotine.  6-12mg E-liquid still has some mild throat hit yet allows the flavour to come through compared to higher strengths.

So, there are some common misconceptions about vaping and e-cigs revealed. Let us know what you think below.


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