Box Mods - Why?

Anthony Alpert

Box Mods - Why?

Boxes, boxes, boxes - they are all the rage at the moment, but what is so good about them.  Well for a start they don't roll off the table, but seriously...

A year ago the only way to get lots of power and vapour was to either use a mechanical mod and build your own low ohm coils or a 15w tube type mod. On top of that you would need to purchase batteries and a charger and really need to know what you were doing.
These new box mod devices, such as the Smok M45 above come with a built-in battery that can be charged via USB cable for just £39.99.  No need to purchase seperate batteries or chargers, just add a suitable tank and vape away.

What is so good about them.  They deliver huge amounts of power to create more vapour and much faster.  No longer do you have to put up with a long slow draw.  The M45 delivers 45 watts which is more than enough for most uses.  A typical Ego battery may deliver 6-7 watts, and a good tank will use about 11-20 watts.  For even more vapour you may use Sub-Ohm tanks at 25-30 watts or drippers at 45 watts.

The battery can last 1-2 days with normal use and box mods are packed with features.  Digital displays will normally allow you to set the power to 0.1 watts accuracy.

Box mods make it easy for anyone to enjoy huge vapour production at low cost.

What tank to use?

For great flavour:-  The Nautilus Mini (10-15w)

For LOTs of vapour and good flavour:- Aspire Atlantis (top) or Kanger Subtank (bottom)

For more information about the Smok M45 or the Aspire Mini Nautilus, Aspire Atlantisor Kanger Sub Tank, click the links and take your vape to the next level with a Box Mod.

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