How to Take Care of E-liquid

Anthony Alpert

How to Take Care of E-liquid

As you become more confident with vaping, and you start to experiment with flavours, you’ll probably pick up multiple bottles of e-juice, or E-liquid. It’s this liquid that goes into the e-cigarette atomiser and provides you with the flavour and hit.

To avoid waste, and to keep children safe, e-liquid must be handled carefully and stored correctly. Our quick guide will help.

Basic Considerations

E-liquid normally contains nicotine, and this is the main factor to bear in mind when it comes to using and storing it. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and while vaping it is much safer than smoking, drinking it definitely is not. That’s what proper storage of e-juice is so important.

In a pure 100% concentration form, nicotine is a poison. If you mix your own juice the concentration is around 7.2% and therefore need to store bottles of nicotine responsibly. If you buy pre-mixed juice, the nicotine concentration is far lower, but that still means you should take care.

Storing E-Liquid

E-liquid should always be stored in its original bottle, or a bottle with a cap that fastens tightly. If you have young children, you might prefer childproof bottles just to make sure little fingers can’t open the cap. A medicine cabinet is a great storage solution.

The nicotine in your e-liquid reacts to heat, so we recommend that e-liquid is stored in a cool, dark place – a kitchen cupboard is fine. Over time your e-liquid will gradually turn yellowish-brown, a natural oxidisation process.

It’s difficult to set hard and fast rules for e-liquid, but there’s normally no need to store it in the fridge.


To dispose of unwanted e-liquid, fill a zip-lock plastic bag with an absorbent material (such as fuller’s earth or sawdust). Pour your e-liquid into it. Seal the plastic bag and put it in your normal household waste. This will stop any nicotine getting into the local water and deters animals from tasting it.

The plastic bottles can normally be recycled, but check with your local authority. It’s safe to rinse an empty bottle as long as you flush the drain with generous amounts of clean water afterwards. We don’t recommend ever pouring juice or nic liquid down the drain, since it could cause nicotine poisoning in local wildlife.


Don’t panic if you spill e-liquid, since a quick wipe with detergent should prevent any problems. Just make sure the spill is cleaned up properly so no pets or children come across the liquid.

If the liquid touches your skin, wash your hands immediately and thoroughly.

Help and Advice

If you suspect a human or pet has ingested e-liquid, seek medical advice. For any other questions, don’t hesitate to email us when you next place an e-juice order.

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