Some Thoughts on Vaping Etiquette

Some Thoughts on Vaping Etiquette

Anthony Alpert

Some Thoughts on Vaping Etiquette

Vaping is changing the way a lot of us consume our nicotine. It’s made for big variations and alterations in the lives of smokers and has created a reason to adapt and change our etiquette.

Smoking Bans

The last large change in smoking culture came with the smoking bans that filtered through Europe a decade or more ago. This movement changed what was acceptable in terms of smoking. Unlike a few decades earlier where it was okay to smoke in the centre of a restaurant or on a plane, smokers had to go outside, away from the crown for a quick fag. Smoking etiquette changed dramatically.

As alluded to above, vaping has created a similar sized change. However, what’s appropriate and not appropriate in terms of vaping is still a work in progress so to speak. So, we thought we’d look at some of the issues regarding manners.

Public Vaping

Public vaping can be a cause of notable concern among some and people tend to view it in a variety of ways. Our advice is to use common sense when thinking about vaping – it’s a must. For example, some pubs have no issue with vaping and most non-smokers tend to be happy and accepting of vaping in such a scenario.

However, unless it’s overtly clear that vaping is something that is okay, then it’s always a good idea to ask. Just entering an enclosed place and vaping without knowing whether or not it’s the done thing, is a bad idea and may antagonise people. So, always ask first if you’re not sure as it’s respectful.

Stealth Vaping

Should you secretly vape somewhere you’re not allowed? Well, what you do is up to you, but we’d say if it’s not your house, you don’t make the rules and you shouldn’t. It won’t please the person who owns the property if you’re caught and it doesn’t create a very good impression.


Smokers enjoy a cigarette and you possibly were one too before you got onto the e-cig train – you may still be. The zeal of the convert is not something we would encourage and however being overly encouraging and pressurising smokers to stop smoking and take up vaping can put people off. Don’t overdo it.


Vaping is a pretty hot topic at the moment and a lot of people feel strongly one way or another about it. If you end up in a heated discussion about the matter, don’t get too excitable and stay relaxed – you’re never going to win an argument when angry – so stay balanced. Taking a higher ground and using the conversation as an opportunity to calmly educate and inform other individuals is a far better idea.

Other People’s Vaping

If you’re going to use someone else’s e-cig or vape then just ask first. It might seem obvious but you’d be amazed at the number of people who pick up someone else’s e-cig and inhale.

Vaping is a new area for etiquette and as with all sorts of manners, it takes time to develop a set procedure. Following the aforementioned tip will help us as vapers do so in a way that helps keep everyone happy. 

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