What does 2019 have in store for vapers?

What does 2019 have in store for vapers?

Team One

2018 was an interesting year for vaping. What does 2019 have in store for us? 

We may be three months in but we would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy New Year to All from #teamecigzoo.

I would like to start the Blogs for this year off by talking about two key types of device we think made an impact in 2018. First being Squonkers and second Pod Systems.


Vandy Vape Pulse X Kit in Cyan

So what is a Squonker? And what is an RDA?

A Squonker is a mod that holds a bottle of liquid inside with a small window to the front or the side of the device in which you can push your finger  in order to squeeze the liquid up into the RDA from the bottom and saturating your cotton. Examples of popular squonking devices are kits such as the Pulse X and devices like the Topside and Topside Dual. An RDA is a re-buildable dripping atomiser and as suggests is re-buildable. By that we mean instead of installing a coil like you do in a sub ohm tank it has to have coils installed that you can either make yourself or be bought pre made then wicked with your favourite wicking material normally some form of organic cotton. Then the cotton can either be saturated by dripping liquid onto it or in the case of Squonking squeezed up from the bottom. Once the cotton starts to become dry you then have to re-apply liquid. Examples of popular RDA’s are the Drop Dead, Profile and the Mike's Vapes Rebirth RDA.

The Rebirth RDA with several colour variants shown

Previous to recent years squonking had been somewhat of an exclusive club with most devices being made by smaller cottage industry guys or companies on the higher end of the spectrum but, 2018 saw a boom in mass manufactured squonking which made it much more accessible to the masses and introduced so many more to the wonders of this fantastic form of vaping with an RDA. Talking of RDA’s these too were released in abundance with a squonk pin giving us an amazing selection to choose from and adorn our favourite squonking devices with some matchy-matchy goodness.

Squonking is not new by any stretch but the adoption of the big Chinese ecig companies into these wondrous devices has propelled them into the mainstream and in my opinion, at least, this is a very good thing. The advantages to Squonking are fantastic especially for those who much prefer the vape they get from an RDA. RDA’s by their very nature are extremely versatile and the users of these devices can really play with their builds and dial in the vape to tailor it exactly to the way they like to vape. A fuller more flavourful vape can be very easily achieved. Couple that with a bottom feeding 510 pin and a squonker and you can get that amazing vape you are craving without the need to keep dripping liquid into the RDA from the top and just effortlessly give that satisfying squeeze to the bottle in your favourite mod.

Pod Systems

We also saw a big insurgence of Pod systems. Now I know a lot of the Pod systems we have now are not in the traditional sense a Pod system. By that I mean a true Pod would be the type that comes pre filled and are not refillable nor are you able to replace the coil. The problem with these systems is that they can work out much more expensive and in my opinion much less a satisfying vape.

Nautilus AIO by aspire exploded parts view

Now the Pod systems we get excited about are the refillable and coil replaceable kind. The ability to replace your coil alone makes these a great option and gives more longevity to your pods. The biggest draw for this type is the ability to put whatever liquid in you prefer to use. Obviously there are those that have a self-contained coil in the pod that is not replaceable but you are still able to load it with the liquid of your choosing. These too are a good option. One of these types is the Cobble from Aspire which is a firm favourite of our team member Dan (me) 😉 it gives a very good consistent vape and has just the right amount of airflow and tightness to the draw that I really do prefer. Other pod systems to check out and we recommend are the Nord by Smok and the Nautilus AIO both of which are very good devices. There are now so many to choose from with all different types of coils and airflow types so there is something for everyone.

So heading into 2019 what do we have to look forward to? What we hope is even more advancement in the technology within the industry to make our devices even better, more user friendly and most importantly as safe as they can possibly be for the user.

Do you use a Squonker? What’s your favourite?
Do you use a Pod system? What’s your favourite?
What do you think will be the next big thing in vaping?
Is there anything you are looking forward to in 2019?
What would you like to see happen to vaping in 2019?

Let us know your thoughts and predictions for the year ahead.

Until next time have a great day from all at #teamecigzoo

Author: Dan Fatboy Buggernuts 

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