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chargerXTAR Over 4 Slim Fast Charger

The new XTAR Over 4 Slim is a super-fast charger with a maximum of 2x 4.1Amps.  How can it charge batteries safely at 4.1Amps?  It uses temperature sensors to measure how hot the battery gets and drops the current when the battery gets too warm and increases it when the temperature drops.  The battery stays at a low 32 degrees whilst charging.

The charger can charge two 18650 batteries within 30 minutes!

If the need for speed is not there, each channel can be set to 1 Amp or 2.1 Amp rates instead by pushing the selector buttons.  By default, each time the charger turns on, it is set to 4.1Amps.

The Over4Slim also has two side USB fast charging ports at 2.4 Amps to charge other devices.

The LED screen shows % charge and temperature of each battery.

Comes with UK Wall Plug

XTAR Over 4 Slim Fast Charger

XTAR Over 4 Slim Fast Charger

XTAR Over 4 Slim Fast Charger